Our home “MainLand Miltenberg – Churfranken” has been one of the regions with the highest quality of life in Germany for years. Thanks to the quiet yet central location, those seeking relaxation and active vacationers will find their happiness. Experience and enjoy “Stern” hours in the Fränkischen Odenwald / MainLand Miltenberg-Churfranken!

www.churfranken.de, www.miltenberg.info

Hospitality in the midst of
relaxing nature

The Hotel „Stern“ and all around

Check In until 9 p.m., late Check In and Check In on wednesday by phone request.
Check Out until 10 a.m., late Check Out by request.

All our rooms are cleaned with special vacuum cleaner to be allergy conform. All beds are fitted with washable duvet, pillow and mattress encasings, regularly well looked after.

General practioner
Gunther Kriegbaum
63924 Kleinheubach
Phone 0 93 71 – 30 41

Dr. med. Galmbacher
63897 Miltenberg
Phone 0 93 71 – 6 64 64

Praxis Ingo Haag
63924 Kleinheubach
Phone 0 93 71 – 80 15 5

Please contact us.

Phone 116 117

63924 Kleinheubach
Phone 0 93 71 – 65 04 254

63897 Miltenberg
Phone 0 93 71 – 29 44

63897 Miltenberg
Phone 0 93 71 – 44 99

63920 Großheubach
Telefon 0 93 71 – 36 37

Phone 22833
or free 0800 0022833

Hubert Zitzler
Mühlweg 3a
63927 Bürgstadt
Phone 0 93 71 – 55 14

Campingplatz „Mainwiese“
P. Ullrich
63897 Miltenberg/Nord
Phone 0 93 71 – 39 85 oder 0 93 71 – 68 72 3

Angelzubehör Ballweg
Eichenbühler Str. 23a
63897 Miltenberg
Phone 0 93 71 – 65 07 57

Service fee € 4,50 each

Freudenberg Open from Pentecost – September
Telephone 0 93 75 – 668

Niedernberg “Honisch Beach” in summer

Next train station: Kleinheubach, ticket automat
Next central station: Miltenberg, ticket automat
IC- / ICE-connection via Aschaffenburg central station.

Bank offices in Kleinheubach and Miltenberg

By request, please contact us.

Fresh bed linen by request, 2x a week

Dieter Fürst
Steingässerstraße 50
63897 Miltenberg
Telefon 0 93 71 – 15 07 oder 0 171 – 697 06 56

At „Faust“-Brewery, approx. 2 hrs, single persons and groups by request.
Information and booking: phone 0 93 71 – 97 13 – 0

Within 1 hour (by request). Alternative Iron and ironing board at your room.

Meat and sausage
The Metzgerei im „Stern“
63924 Rüdenau

Fruit spreads, baked goods
From our own production, from local farms, in proven master quality
63924 Rüdenau

Dolzer Masskonfektion
63936 Schneeberg

Daniel Hechter u. a. Designer
63897 Miltenberg

„Straße der Bekleidung“
63849 Leidersbach

Odenwälder Marzipan
63936 Schneeberg

Luxury items
Factory-Outlet Wertheim Village

directly from the winemaker
63927 Bürgstadt, 63897 Miltenberg, 63920 Großheubach, 63911 Klingenberg

vacuum jugs
63897 Miltenberg und 97877 Wertheim

Ivory / Amber
directly from the craftsman with a centuries-old tradition in the Odenwald
64711 Michelstadt/Erbach

63924 Rüdenau

Zweirad Neukirchen
63920 Großheubach
Phone 0 93 71 – 9 04 92

Fallschirm Sprungzentrum Odenwald e. V.
Flugplatz 63897 Miltenberg-Mainbullau
Phone 0 93 71 – 90 39 0

Flugsportclub Miltenberg e.V.
Flugplatz 3897 Miltenberg-Mainbullau
Phone tower: 0 93 71 – 33 63

All rooms are fitted with an individual plan of an escape route next to the door. In emergency follow the green line / escape route.

possible for a small fee

Available 7.00 am – 9.30 am, other times and room service by request.

Kitchen time 11.30 am – 13.30 p.m & 17.00 – 20.30 p.m.
Closed on Wednesday allday & Thursday (at lunchtime)
Room service with food & beverage by request

By request we bring your luggage to your room, back to your car or deposit until you will leave.

St. Ottilia
Order of service see church notice
63924 Rüdenau

St. Josef
see daily press
63897 Miltenberg-Breitendiel

Heiligste Dreifaltigkeit
see daily press
63924 Kleinheubach

Klosterkirche auf dem „Engelberg“
see daily press
63920 Großheubach

St. Martin
see daily press
63924 Kleinheubach

St. Johannes
see daily press
63897 Miltenberg

Golf Club Glashofen-Neusaß e. V.
74731 Walldürn-Neusaß
Phone 0 62 82 – 73 83
(about 20 km)

Miltenberger Golf Club e. V.
63928 Eichenbühl-Guggenberg
Phone 0 93 71 – 789
(about 15 km)

Golfclub Gut Sansenhof
63916 Amorbach-Sansenhof
Phone 0 93 73 – 45 03
(about 25 km)

For sale with a small fee:

toothbrush&-paste € 1.–
disposable razor € 1.–
nail file € 1.50
cotton swab 5 pieces € 0.20
cotton wool pads 5 pieces € 0.20

No pets allowed in our guest rooms due to allergic persons. Thank you for your understanding.

In Rüdenau between church and school (100 m)
In Kleinheubach between railway crossing an train station (3km)

63897 Miltenberg

63906 Erlenbach (Programmatic cinema, also unusual films)

63739 Aschaffenburg

63739 Aschaffenburg (Programmatic cinema, also unusual films)

The current program can be found in the daily newspaper, which you can view here.

By request, please contact us.

On loan, by request.

in the Main facilities at the twin arch in Miltenberg
Phone 0 93 71 – 87 80

Map for mountain bikers available by request
Published by Churfranken e.V.
Phone 0 93 71 – 66 06 975

by request

by request

All our rooms are equipped with smoke detectors for your security. To prevent a false alarm, it is forbidden to smoke in our non-smoking guest rooms.

Maps for nordic-walking available by request.

Stamps available by request, letter box nearby at Kirchplatz next to cellphone.
Next post office Miltenberg, next post agency Kleinheubach (Seehecke).

Via TV & TV-keyboard. Progamme info via „i“- Button on the screen / Video-Text.

Easy biking via „Maintal-Radweg“ along river Main. Please contact us for further information / map.

on loan for free

We can hand over your clothing to a dry-cleaning shop. Duration and price by request.

In entrance area/kitchen is open 6.30 am – 9.30 pm
Wednesday (rest day) by appointment

  • 16 hours beverage 7am – 9 pm by appointment
  • food service a la carte 7 am – 9 pm by appointment

Wednesday is our rest day.
Breakfast on Wednesday available as usual.
Check-In possible by appointment

The transponder locking system works at your room door and also at the main door. Press the red button, after the „beep“ you can close oder open the door by turning the knob.
Please make sure that the main door is closed at nights and on our rest day Wednesday.

Reederei Henneberger
63897 Miltenberg
Phone 0 93 71 – 33 30

Round trip (1 hour), Big round trip (1 ½ hours)
jetty Alte Volksschule
63897 Miltenberg

by request

small fee, by request

Indoor pool
63897 Miltenberg
Phone 0 93 71 – 404 700

Phone 0 60 22 – 649 712

Outdoor pool
63927 Bürgstadt
Phone 0 93 71 – 40 47 50

Early bird swim Wednesdays 6.30-8.00 pm

Phone 09372-20310
Early bird swim Wed & Fri 7-8 pm


  • Ottilienbrunnen*
  • Pfarrkirche St. Ottilia
  • Schöne Aussicht vom „Kreuz“
  • Krieger-Denkmal*
  • Steinkreuz im Friedhof*
  • Panorama-Krippe im Wald (Christmas time)

*created by Franz Grimm and Anton Grimm (“Sternwirte”)


  • Mildenburg aus dem Mittelalter
  • Schnatterloch
  • Altstadt mit Schwarzviertel
  • Altes Rathaus
  • Museum.Stadt.Miltenberg / Museum.Burg.Miltenberg (Ikonen)
  • Michaelismesse late August-early September


  • Barockkirche der ehem. Abtei
  • Grüner Saal
  • Templerhaus
  • Seegarten
  • Kapelle Amorsbrunn
  • Kleinkunstbühne „Zehntscheuer“
  • Wildenburg (outside near Ottorfszell)


  • Altes Rathaus
  • Martinskapelle with murals


  • Kloster Engelberg
  • Altes Rathaus


  • Castle of the princes of Löwenstein with castle park


  • Altstadt
  • Clingenburg-Festspiele (Outdoor theater in summer)


  • Römer-Museum
  • Historische Altstadt
  • Kleinkunstbühne „Kochsmühle“ (especially cabaret)


  • moated castle, known from „Ein Wirtshaus im Spessart“


  • Schloß Johannisberg
  • Landschafts-Park Schönbusch


  • Altes Rathaus / Altstadt


  • Elfenbeinmuseum
  • Castle of the Counts of Erbach with natural history collection


  • Glasmuseum
  • Kloster Bronnbach (outside of)


  • Wallfahrtskirche „Heilig Blut“

We would be happy to advise you on planning an individual excursion!

Departure to Miltenberg
(Mil-Nord train station and Engelplatz/Linde city center) (from the stop at the town hall, approx. 100 m on foot)
See notice on the ground floor!!!

Departure to Rüdenau
(from the Engelplatz stop in Miltenberg/Stadtmitte)
See notice on the ground floor!!!

Departure to Rüdenau
(from the station in Miltenberg/Nord)
See notice on the ground floor!!!

We have a small timetable ready for you!

Special trips to the old town festival and Michaelmas fair!

On loan, by request.

Phone 0 93 71 – 71 77

Phone 0 170 – 35 777 88

Phone 0 93 71 – 24 50

Should your cell phone We will be happy to allow the radio hole not to work
to call our portable telephone (within Germany).

We are happy to help you if your clothes get wet during leisure activities. Please ask us.

The program assignment of the TV keyboard can be found in the list on the device.
You can also get program information via the i-Info button or via the video text.

The following hiking trails lead directly past our house:

Circular hiking trail “R 1” around Rüdenau
approx. 16 km, hiking information available from us!

Please ask for personal informations, maps and tipps…

of your laundry (hand in before 9 a.m., return within 12 hours,
chargeable, according to expenditure)

Forgot your alarm clock? We would be happy to provide you with an alarm clock free of charge. Or you can use our wake-up service. Please talk to us!

We can arrange wine tastings for you directly at the winemaker / winery.
Please talk to us.

You are welcome to deposit in our safe. Talk to us if necessary!

You can use our free WiFi network throughout the house Access “FreeWifi Stern Ruedenau2” with login zumstern2020. Please log in yourself, instructions are self-explanatory through the system. If you have any problems, please contact us.
At this point, we would like to point out once again that improper use (e.g. downloading protected data) is punishable by law.

In Rüdenau you will find Germany’s largest whiskey distillery 500 m from the “Stern”. You can taste and shop in the shop – guided tours are possible by prior arrangement. Phone. 09371-407120

In our butcher’s shop you can stock up on snacks or buy newspapers, small sweets/snacks etc. for your day trip.

If you accidentally forgot your hygiene and cosmetic items at home, you can purchase the following products at cost price:
Toothbrush with toothpaste € 1.–
Disposable razor € 1.–
Nail file € 1.50
Cotton buds 5 pieces € 0.20
Cotton pads 5 pieces € 0.20

subject to a fee, according to expenditure

  • 16 hour beverage room service
  • Breakfast à la carte / from the buffet with room service
  • A la carte menu in room service from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Chem. Cleaning of your laundry (delivery before 9 a.m., return within 24 hours)
  • Ironing service (within one hour on request)
  • Wash and iron your laundry (delivery before 9 a.m., return within 12 hours)
  • Shoe shine service


  • Additional pillow selection (pillow/bolster) or additional duvet
  • You can also get fresh bed linen twice a week on request (from 7 days)
  • You can borrow umbrellas from us.
  • Sewing kits for smaller sewing jobs can be borrowed from us / sewing service
  • Iron and ironing board in the room on request / ironing room
  • Photocopying and scanning device/possibility
  • international socket adapter on request
  • Valuables can be deposited in our central safe.
  • Shuttle service from/to the train station
  • Secured luggage storage for arriving and departing guests in the companyeb possible
  • Luggage service on arrival and departure – please contact us!

Our reception in the entrance area/kitchen is staffed from 6.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., Wednesdays by appointment (day off)